A Tutor with 29 Years of Experience

School can be tough!  Some subjects more than others.  In today’s educational climate we ask more and more of our children and provide limited support at school.  I may take a caring and knowledge teacher to work with your son/daughter to give them the support they need with homework, difficult assignments, and subject areas.  Need help studying for a test?  Children need to learn how to study–private tutoring may be just the thing.

Every child CAN learn.  Sometimes it just takes a specialized and individualized approach.  With 29 years of teaching elementary and middle school aged children, I can work with your child to develop and hone skills, gain confidence, and/or enrich their current level of knowledge.

I am certified in elementary and middle school and Hearing Impaired Education through all grade levels.  Throughout my years I’ve taught various grade levels, as well as gifted/talented, learning disabled, ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, Asperger’s, limited English speakers, and hearing impaired.  I have specialized in both Reading/Language Arts and Math/Science.

Give your child that “little extra something” in school.  Together we’ll develop the knowledge and confidence your child needs!